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    Understanding The 3 Main Different Types Of Door Locks

    By / 08/22/2016

    Door locks are considered as the backbone of every home’s safety. Therefore, understanding the different types of door locks available will not only add value to your home but will also keep your office, home or business safe. Go to mobilehomelocks – website to understand more. This is why it is imperative to ensure you know and understand the different types of door locks for your home.

    Different types of door locks

    1. Doorknob locks

    These types of door locks are commonly installed in the interior doorsdasdsadas like the bathroom or bedroom doors. Among the advantages of using these door locks is that they are cost effective, durable and effective in protecting your room.

    Doorknob locks also prevent a person from turning/rotating the doorknob and will help to ensure that no authorized person will access the room. Professional locksmith recommends doorknob locks for a high level of security, but they shouldn’t be used as the key source of safety in your home.

    2. Deadbolts

    Deadbolts are mostly found on exterior doors; the keyhole is found in the outside portion, and the inner portion is built with a cylindrical thumb latch that is used to engage or disengage the lock. We have two types of deadbolts available. The double locks and double cylinder. These type of door locks are built with keyholes that are found on the interior portion.

    One of the best features of these door locks is that they are long-lasting and are not costly. These locks are specifically built to act as a hazard that can prevent a person from exiting the house in case of an emergency like fire or theft. Locksmiths do not recommend double cylinder locks to be installed on the exterior door of the home.

    3. Chain lockasdasdsadas

    These types of door locks are built a with chain that prevents your door from opening. This lock can be attached to an interior or exterior door to secure and lock the door to the door frame and is designed to provide ad added “layer” of protection when combined with a doorknob locks or deadbolt.

    Understanding the different types of door locks is a very important feature to keep your business or home safe. Take your time to compare these three different door locks and choose for yourself the one that suits/ meets all your needs.…

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