Different types of pajamas

Sleeping is a necessary activity that we need to do for the sake of our health and being alive. It is a habit that we do every night on our mattress and sometimes even during the day. We cannot detach ourselves from sleeping. When you sleep, you can sleep naked, or you can definitely, and preferably, wear your clothing to sleep in. The common clothing that you wear to sleep is, of course, a pajama. Pajamas are an essential in your closet if one of the tasks you do in your daily lives is sleeping. It is the most comfortable clothing to wear for a night in and enjoy your sleeping activity. It’s great to have one for slumber parties as well. Pajamas come in all shapes and varieties. Here are three of the most common types of pajamas.


nroe830A two-piece pajama comes with two pieces (self-explanatory) which is a top and a bottom. This type of pajama is probably the most popular of them all for sleepers alike. The top is usually a jacket-like shirt that is buttoned down, has a collar and a side pocket. It can be long sleeved or short sleeved. The bottoms are usually long pants, but these days there are options for shorts for the ladies. It often is made out of cotton, satin, linen, polyester, or satin. For a luxurious feel, opt for a satin one with your family emblem embroidered on your pocket.


A onesie is a one piece casual jumpsuit. It is basically a loose fitting body suit. Onesies are no longer just for babies, nowadays, adults can now enjoy the comfort of living in a onesie while they are fast asleep in their slumber. Onesies often come with different patterns or take shape like your favorite characters like a Mr Meeseeks Pajama that makes this type of pajama fun and quirky.


lneowi0482This type of pajamas is very comfortable to wear whether you are of the female or even male species. This is a very lightweight pajama usually made from cotton or linen. It usually comes in a tasteful style and pattern. A nightshirt is basically a shirt dress. It customarily has collars, buttoned-down, and also a side pocket just like normal shirts, the difference is that it is longer than your regular shirt. It comes down to the knees, or sometimes it stops just a little below it.

Written by Tina Wells