Course Hero review – is it a scam or legit?

If you have come across Course Hero, you may be wondering whether it is a legit academic helper or just a platform to exploit students for personal profit. In this post, you will learn more about Course Hero:

History of Course Hero

It was founded in 2006 by a Professor Grauer. The main aim was to create an educational platform where students could exchange class notes, assignments, and lecturers. This program became operational in 2008. As per now, there are over eight million academic documents in its database.

To access academic documents, you are required to be a premium member. A student can upload 40 documents and have access to over 300 documents free. Also, you will get a free premium membership access for one month. Overall, the platform has been amazing as both professors and students share their data and knowledge in the academic world. The website gets its revenue through commissions, and every person gets the much-needed information.

How it works

Course Hero offers two types of membership: free and paid. Ideally, you are not going to get anything free as you have to upload a document in exchange. To get access to academic documents for a single month, you are required to upload at least 40 documents.

All the documents must be reviewed and approved by their staff. There are more than 40 courses you need to choose from. These courses can help you master the subject. If you can complete five courses or more in any given category, you will be rewarded. The following are the things you will find on Course Hero:

  • Practice exams
  • Various school subjects
  • Study guides
  • College courses
  • Course lessons

The good and bad

tvg3erfv6hedf82j2The owners of Course Hero have been known for their charitable contributions. For instance, they are the ones behind “Books for Africa” program. In this case, they donate books to African schools. Course Hero salaries are also competitive. However, the website is usually troubled by copyright problems. This is because some professors have found their works being sold online for profit.

Most students are now turning to this platform to get academic materials. Also, cheaters have used it to cheat as well. After exams are complete, some students upload exam papers online. Thus, some professors have found their exams sold online. It may be a good idea for schools to keep making new exams and questions.

Written by Alberta Washington