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How to Have Korean BBQ At Home (3)

How to Have Korean BBQ At Home

Korean BBQ is one of those foods that some people know about and others have never tried! If you’ve eaten this style of barbeque before, you already know that Korean BBQ is delicious, unique, and crave-worthy.

You may not be aware, however, that you can actually make this tasty barbeque at home and do not have to rely on takeout or befriending those with barbeque proficiency to enjoy it! Read on to find out more about how you can have Korean BBQ at home anytime!

How to Have Korean BBQ At Home

Look Up Recipes

How to Have Korean BBQ At Home (2)The first step to having Korean BBQ at home is to look up recipes that you like! It’s good to get an idea of what types of BBQ you’d like to do and what recipes to use. There are tons of variations on sauces, marinades, techniques, and flavor combinations, so be sure to browse around and look at recipes to pick flavors and dishes that you think you’d like. You can easily visit the bookmarking site Pinterest and search for Korean BBQ and have hundreds of options pop up for you instantly!

Be sure to search for recipes online or at other culinary sites like or Yummly to get great inspiration and recipes. Whether it’s chicken or short ribs, Bulgogi style barbeque or just a special sauce, there are tons of recipes out there just waiting for you to discover them!

Break Out The Grill

You can’t very well do BBQ without a grill, can you? Actually, while a grill will work, there are lots of ways to cheat around this if you need to. Whether it’s sticking it in the oven or pan cooking it or using an outdoor fire and some grates and foil to get the job done, there are tons of methods for cooking your BBQ. But if you love that grill flavor and don’t own one, consider buying one or borrowing one from a friend or neighbor for a couple hours.

Cheat and Get TakeoutHow to Have Korean BBQ At Home (1)

Occasionally, it’s justified to try and get your BBQ takeout from the place down the street. After all, it’s a quick call and a relatively short amount of time before you get some delicious barbeque, all ready to go. If you’re addicted to those barbeque short ribs and just can’t recreate the dish yourself, it’s okay to cheat once in a while. Break out the plates and the napkins– no one will ever know!

Great Korean barbecue can be a challenge. After all, it combines complex flavor profiles with getting the technique while grilling just right! At the end of the day, basic cooking skills should let you recreate a number of Korean dishes with no problem. If you’ve ever marinated or cooked a hamburger on the grill before, you’ll likely be just fine.